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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Product Review: AhhSoles Flip-Flops

I’ve recently been introduced to some “offensively comfortable” flip-flops and now can’t imagine a world without them. A bit over the top? Sure, but I almost missed out on the experience altogether.

From the beginning ... I was going through my e-mails - deleting the junk, blocking the spam and reading the few that remained. One subject line almost tripped my personal spam radar, but I gave “AhhSoles” a second glance. Glad I did.

AhhSoles are flip-flops, but unlike anything you’ve experienced. The three styles - Coral, Ripple and SeaGrass - are a combination of funky colors and textures, each designed to massage your feet. As a bonus, your foot won’t slip while wearing them and they’re perfect for the beach or pool.

When the package arrived, my wife and daughter were there to watch me take the Green Coral AhhSoles out of the box. In unison, I heard “What are those?!?!” They were non-believers at the very beginning, but each had the same response when trying the flops on ... “Ahhhh.”

I, too, was skeptical. I had worn slides in the past with “nubs” that were supposed to massage your feet. They were more annoying than anything else. Almost if if I was programmed, though, my thought upon slipping into my AhhSoles was “Ahhhh.”

AhhSoles come in four sizes: Small(4-5.5), Medium(6-8), Large(9-10) and XL(11-13) and sell for $30. Check out www.ahhsoles.comand learn a little more about these offensively comfortable flip-flops for yourself. Your feet will thank you.

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