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American Golfer Review

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 Product Review: AhhSoles Flip-Flops I’ve recently been introduced to some “offensively comfortable” flip-flops and now can’t imagine a world without them. A bit over the top? Sure, but I almost missed out on the experience altogether.From the beginning ... I was going through my e-mails - deleting the junk, blocking the spam and reading the few that remained. One subject line almost tripped my personal spam radar, but I gave “AhhSoles” a second glance. Glad I did.AhhSoles are flip-flops, but unlike anything you’ve experienced. The three styles - Coral, Ripple and SeaGrass - are a combination of funky colors and textures, each designed to massage your feet. As a bonus, your foot won’t slip while wearing...

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FresnoDad Piece

Featured in FresnoDad Piece...Yikes

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Great Review

Great Review ...    UNREAL Daniel Taylor on Mar 05, 2017 As a surfer who travels I spend a huge amount of time in flops and have tried many brands over the years. I can safely say that these are the most comfortable I have ever worn, they also don't stretch out of shape over time so you always have that secure fit. Stoked.

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