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Caribbean Coral Sole

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The Coral Soles give your feet a unique massaging sensation. It's soft web like feel is meant to mimic the feel of a bed of "soft" spindly Coral! 

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Our pricing is based on our Discounted Rack Plan:
- Half a rack is 36 pairs at $17.5 a Pair
- A single sided rack of 72 brings the price down from $17.50 to $16 a pair
- A two sided rack to $15 a pair
- A three sided rack to $13/pair

 also throw in a couple of 18" x 12" AhhSoles display signs (pictures attached). Don't forget... a great selling point, other than they are incredibly "comfortable" is that your feet don't fly off of them when wet (HUGE!)...... and then there's the name!