Our Sandals

In order to achieve our flip-flops unique look and feeling of comfort we took design cues from the very ocean that has become synonymous with a relaxed carefree lifestyle. Our foot beds are textured after such natural elements as soft ocean grasses, soft corals, and sea anemones. Keeping a connection to the natural world allows our flip-flops to take advantage of previously unexplored design possibilities, as well as providing a daily reminder to simply slow down, relax, and feel the ground.

Made from soft but durable materials, Our Flip-Flops are very easy to clean and will not wear down like more expensive leather counterparts. As a result of their durable construction our flip-flops are also waterproof and will not be destroyed after a day out at the lake or beach. Plus, at $30 they are much easier on the wallet than other brands of designer flip-flops whose comfort simply can’t compare to ours.