Our Story


One summer day after playing a grueling and extremely hot 36 holes of golf while carrying my bag on foot every step of the way, I returned home to shower and rest my weary feet. Upon stepping into the shower my feet were greeted with the phenomenal tingling sensation of a brand new funky textured bathmat.

The massaging sensation of the textured rubber was so rejuvenating that I decided that I needed to share this feeling with as many people as possible. As a result, we have designed and manufactured a brand new evolution of the traditional flip-flop that will bring about incredible comfort and joy with every step.

In addition to the obvious comfort element of these flip-flops, they also represent a step forward in flip-flop culture by deviating from the traditional idea of flip-flops and experimenting with vibrant textures, colors, and of course our unique name. We believe that our wild textures, styles, and name will become a major trend and fashion accessory rather than simply remaining normal everyday footwear.